AirCarbon Exchange - Panel discussion

Carbon Trading Contest

11 November, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM (CET)

The AirCarbon Carbon Trade Contest is a 30 minute, friendly competition organized by the AirCarbon Exchange. Social in nature, you can join and experience how easy it is to buy and sell Carbon Credits. Try your hand at carbon trading and maybe you will win an Apple Watch. Each trader will start the trading session with a virtual portfolio: . US$1,000,000.00, 50,000 AirCarbon CORSIA Tokens – ACCT (50,000 tCO2) Every ACCT is backed by a Phase One - CORSIA eligible carbon credit, 50,000 AirCarbon Nature Tokens – ACNT (50,000 tCO2) Every ACNT is backed by a carbon credits generated by nature-based project. Traders can buy and sell ACCTs and ACNTs freely on the exchange. Traders are reminded that competing traders are market savvy and enter the trading system with a predetermined idea of where these markets will trade. The WINNER will be the trader that ends the session with the highest NAV and will receive an Apple Watch.  



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