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Carbon as an Investable Asset Class

12 November, 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM (CET)

ESG investing is enjoying a surge in popularity, which has led to a rise in interest in carbon allowances or offsets as an asset class. This panel discussion will feature two experts involved in products that directly invest in carbon markets, with the speakers discussing the increase in investment firms looking to either gain exposure to national/regional decarbonisation efforts, or those which are simply looking to ‘green’ their portfolios. We will also examine what options investors have at the moment, and we’ll look at some of the risks, including the wild volatility that has come to characterise many of the world’s carbon markets, as well as their lack of maturity and/or liquidity.  


Mike Szabo, Founder and Director, Carbon Pulse


  • Mike Azlen, Founder and CEO, Carbon Cap Management
  • Eron Bloomgarden, Founder and Partner, Climate Finance Partners

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