ICAP-IETA - Panel Discussion

China’s National Carbon Market: Status and Future Prospects 

11 November, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (CET)

China is in the process to prepare for the world’s largest carbon market. It is also developing the 14th Five Year Plan (2021-2025) with specific climate targets and policies. In light the recent announcement of the country to reach carbon peak by 2030 and neutrality three decades later, ICAP and IETA are convening a panel of renowned experts to discuss the prospects of China’s ETS. 


Lina Li, Project Manager, ICAP

Opening remarks:

Stefano De Clara, International Policy Director, IETA

Keynote Address:

Prof. Duan Maosheng, Director of China Carbon Market Center (CCMC), Tsinghua University


  • Xiaolu Zhao, Senior Manager, Global Climate Change, EDF China
  • Shu Wang, Senior Manager, ICF International
  • Caspar Chiquet, Commercial Projects Manager, BP Energy Asia
  • Stian Reklev, Asia-Pacific Director, Carbon Pulse

Closing Remarks

William Acworth, ICAP


  • Opening remarks
  • Keynote speech: ‘China ETS status, prospects and long term opportunities and challenges’
  • Panel discussion: Xiaolu Zhao, EDF China; Shu Wang, ICF; Caspar Chiquet, BP
  • Closing remarks

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