International Energy Agency (IEA)-ICAP - Panel discussion

Supporting Electricity Sectors in Transition — The Ongoing Role for Carbon Pricing

12 November, 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM (CET)

Carbon pricing policies play a crucial role in accelerating power sector transitions. However, the structure and design of electricity markets largely determines the role for a carbon price to deliver least cost abatement. Where in regulated sectors ensuring carbon cost pass through is key, in liberalised sectors with high shares of VREs accommodating flexibility needs in a low wholesale price environment takes centre stage.     

This session, jointly organized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) looks at how carbon pricing supports electricity sectors at different stages of transition. Leading experts and practitioners from the public and private sectors will take stock of the challenges and achievements to date, and discuss the future role for carbon pricing in their systems.


Sara Moarif, Head of Climate Change Unit, IEA

Scene setting presentation:

William Acworth, Head of Secretariat, ICAP


  • Mandy Rambharos, Head of Climate Change and Sustainable Development, ESKOM
  • Dr. Felix Christian Matthes, Research Coordinator Energy and Climate Policy, Oeko-Institut
  • Daniele Agostini, ENEL
  • Justin Wheeler, Executive Director Climate Implementation & Compliance Branch, Alberta Environment and Parks

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