South Pole - Panel discussion

The Role of Removals in Reaching Net Zero

11 November, 4:45 PM – 5:45 PM (CET)

Net Zero commitments are made by corporates, investors, countries, and cities around the globe. And one word which is part of every discussion are Carbon Removals. This session will shed light on the role of carbon removals in reaching Net Zero, what different approaches and technologies exist, are being developed and in what direction the carbon markets are expected to go.  


Maria Carvalho, Senior Consultant, South Pole


  • Patrick Bürgi, Co-Founder, Director Funds & Platforms, South Pole
  • Mischa Repmann, Senior Environmental Specialist, SwissRe
  • Adam Gray, Sustainability Programme Manager, Carbon Removal Centre
  • Simon Henry, Director of Carbon Market Development, IETA

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