Day 1 - Nov 11

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November 11 (Wednesday)

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CET Events
09:00- 09:15

PLENARY: Co-Organisers' Welcome Addresses
Organized by: International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) & International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

09:15- 09:45

PLENARY: Opening Keynote Addresses
Organized by: ICAP & IETA

09:45- 10:45

PLENARY: The Role of Carbon Markets in Recovering from COVID19
Organized by: ICAP & IETA

10:45- 11:15 In Conversation with Mark Lewis, BNP Paribas: The Future of Carbon Pricing in Europe
In Conversation With
Organized by: IETA
In Conversation with Justin Macinante: Effective Global Carbon Markets – Networked Emissions Trading using Disruptive Technology In Conversation With
Organized by: ICAP & University of Edinburgh
11:15- 12:15 Ensuring European Industry Thrives on a Net Zero Journey 
Panel Discussion
Organized by: Carbon Pulse
Policy Approaches – Increasing Ambition Through Large Scale Carbon Trading
Panel Discussion
Organized by: GGGI & Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
Carbon Trading Contest 
Panel Discussion Organized by: AirCarbon Exchange
12:30- 13:30 Where will the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) fly? Panel Discussion Organized by: adelphi & Öko Institut Use of Cooperative Approaches to Trigger Transformative Development 
Panel Discussion
Organized by: German Environment Agency (UBA)
13:30- 14:00 In Conversation with the Eastern and West African Alliances on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance
In Conversation With 
Organized by: Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Germany
In Conversation with Karsten Neuhoff: A Climate Contribution to Complement EU ETS on the Path to Climate Neutrality
In Conversation With
Organized by: ICAP & DIW
14:00- 15:00 Mind the Gap: Potential Transition of CDM to the Article 6.4 Mechanism – Issues and Options 
Panel Discussion Organized by: International Energy Agency (IEA) & IETA
China’s National Carbon Market: Status and Future Prospects
Panel Discussion Organized by: ICAP & IETA
Emissions Trading and Industrial Transformation
Panel Discussion Organized by: Ecologic & ICF & European Commission
15:15- 16:15 Accelerating Demand for Natural Climate Solutions
Panel Discussion Organized by: NCS Alliance - World Economic Forum (WEF) & World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Proyecciones del Mercado Internacional del Carbono y Oportunidades Tras el Impulso a los Sistemas de Offsets en Chile 
Panel Discussion Organized by: Centro Medioambiente y Energía de SOFOFA & StratCarbon
Associated Oil – Carbon Neutral and a Part of the Solution
Panel Discussion Organized by: Carbon Finance Lab
16:15- 16:45 In Conversation with Andrei Marcu of ERCST: Options for an EU Border Carbon Adjustment
In Conversation With
Organized by: ICAP & ERCST
RGGI Steps into the Post-2020 Period
In Conversation With
Organized by: Carbon Pulse
16:45- 17:45 Scaling Carbon Pricing Instruments in Developing Countries
Panel Discussion
Organized by: Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR), World Bank & UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
The Role of Removals in Reaching Net Zero 
Panel Discussion
Organized by: South Pole
16:45- 17:30 Post-US Election 2020 Discussion
Panel Discussion
Organized by: IETA
17:30- 17:45 In Conversation with Christiana Figueres of Global Optimism
In Conversation With
Organized by: IETA
18:00- 19:30 PLENARY: Carbon Pricing in Latin America: Recent Developments and Outlook
Organized by: ICAP & IETA & Partnership for Market Readiness


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